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Intraosseous Devices

Intraosseous Devices

Intraosseous devices allow for a quick and safe access to the vascular system for fluid and drug administration at flow rates similar to peripheral IV infusion.

Australian Resuscitation Council ALS Guidelines include intraosseous access for both paediatrics and adults in the event of difficult or impossible IV access (ARC Guidelines 11.2, 11.5, 12.5)

Developed by Waismed the Bone Injection Gun (BIG) for adult and paediatric application.

Now available is the NIO (New Intraosseous Device) for adult, paediatric and infants

Arrow® EZ-IO® is also available

Training kits and parts also available

BIG – Adult and Paediatric

World’s first automatic, user-friendly IO device for safe and rapid access for delivery of fluids and medications with “Position and Press” technique. Typically used at the upper tibia plateau, other approved insertion sites include: anterior humerous, radius and malleolus. 5 year sterile shelf life.

NIO (New Intraosseous Device) – Adult, Paediatric and Infant

Achieve fast, safe and effective IO access in less than 10 seconds. No batteries, no assembly, no extra parts required. 98% first attempt success rate and 5 year sterile shelf life NIO Paediatric: 18G needle Features needle stabiliser and adjustable needle depth penetration with mechanical stopper. NIO Infant: 14G-18G needle uses Stepped Needle® for graduated bone penetration. Designed for patients from 36 weeks (2.3kg) to 3 years of age.

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